Friday, February 24, 2012

Sacred Circle

Lately I've been feeling really drawn to pieces about inspiration and defining dreams. Here are a few I've found most helpful.

+     Do what you love. Think about making some new big goals with Nubby Twiglet.    

+     Feeling directionless? Gala Darling teaches how to write a personal mission statement.

+     Learn how to make a life list you'll actually do inspired by the unbelievable life list of adventurer John Goddard. He wrote his list of 127 goals at age 15 and has achieved 109 of them so far.

+     And for the tough times when things aren't turning out quite as planned, Let It Out, let off some steam with Rookie Mag.

Be seeing you.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I Wore (2-18-12)

1wore218 2wore218

//Skull Necklace: Gargoyles Statuary // Sweater: Moth // Button-up Shirt: F21 // Dress: F21 // Knee-high Socks: Sock Dreams // Velvet Blazer: Thrifted // Boots: Thrifted//


Sunday, February 19, 2012



I've been loving all of these spiked hair accessories that I've been seeing around lately (this Solene Lord of War comb by Maison Michel is particularly transcendent) and really wanted to make a few variations of my own. 







The spiked hair combs and barrettes are pretty simple to make and just take some super glue and a little patience. The headband project requires a little more elbow grease but I think the result is well worth the trouble.



You'll Need:

For the comb/barrette:
plastic or metal comb/barrette
liquid super glue
ruler (optional)

For the headband:
flexible rubber or plastic headband
drafting pencil (optional)
ruler (optional) 

Spiked Comb/Barrette


Line up your spikes next to the comb or barrette to figure out how you want them spaced and how many spikes you will need. You can use a ruler to evenly space them if you like. Make sure the area you are gluing the spikes to on your comb/barrette is as large as or larger than the base of your spikes. If the spike isn't completely anchored to the surface, it could pop off after the glue dries.


Apply glue to the base of the spike. Be sure to use a glue that says it is compatible with both metal and plastic. I like the brush-on Krazy Glue because its brush applicator is really easy to use and cuts down a lot on mess. Place the spike unto the comb/barrette. Start at one end. You'll have a few seconds to scoot it around if it isn't in the perfect place at first. Hold it in place for at least 30 seconds for the glue to set up. You may have to hold onto it for longer depending on the glue you are using. Apply your next spike to the opposite end and then start working out from the middle, this will help you judge exactly where to put the remaining spikes.



After your spikes are firmly in place, you can go back and add a little extra glue in any gaps between the spikes and the comb/barrette. Be sure to let your piece dry for a few hours before you start to play with it in you hair. Once it's completely dried, you can scratch off any glue mess that may be left behind on the surface.


Spiked Headband


Set out your spikes next to your headband in a pattern you like. For this project, you'll need spikes that are made to be attached with screws.

A screw-back spike

I chose to only put spikes on the side half of my headband but you could also have spikes all the way around or just in the middle. I just eyeballed where to put my spikes but if you prefer, use a ruler to space the spikes evenly and mark where you want to place them with a contrasting drafting pencil or with a small indentation from the awl.


Use the awl to poke holes where you've marked the headband. If you don't have an awl, you can use a sharp screw and a screw driver to drill the holes. I ended up having to use a screw to enlarge my holes because my awl wasn't big enough. Be sure to work on a surface you won't damage.


Once all of your holes are poked, push the screws that came with your spikes through them. 



Attach your spikes! You can use all matching ones or a mix of different types. You can also swap out the spikes whenever you're in the mood for something new!




I got all my spikes from Studs and Spikes. Here are the types I used in these projects.

From left to right: Sz 55 Silver Cone SpikeLarge Dragon ClawSz 30 Silver Tree SpikeSz 28 Golden Cone Spike1" Golden Tree Spike 




Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To T

 Photo from our wedding ceremony by Julie Harmsen Photography

See the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another.
No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdain’d its brother.
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea-
What is all this sweet work worth,
If thou kiss not me?
─ “Love’s Philosophy”, Percy Shelley

Marrying you is the greatest decision I have ever made in my entire life. I love you more every day.

Forever & always,


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ape for You


Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! 

Popcorn will do anything for food.

While I hate all of the pressure and expectations surrounding this holiday, to fall in love, to be in love, have a partner, have the most romantic. day. ever, I do love having an excuse to make a fuss about those in my life I care most about. I think it's so wonderful to have a scheduled reminder every year to let people know how much they mean to you.


Here are a few ideas to make all of your Valentines feel special this year! 



♥  Make your own scratch-off valentines with secret messages!

♥  Mail someone a box of candy! If an item weighs 13 ounces or less, you can just put stamps on it and mail it off. Be sure you have enough postage though.

♥  Just have a look at this pop-up honeycomb heart valentine and balloon surprise attack from You Are My Fave!

♥  Heart-shaped surprise balls! Surprise balls are the greatest! You can put anything in a surprise ball and it becomes exciting. You could give me rocks wrapped up in a surprise ball and I'd be over the moon about it. 

♥  Learn how to make mini piƱatas from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day!

♥  Put your favorite romantic quote on a mug! Wouldn't these be lovely to start your day with?

 Not a DIY project, but um, hello? Twin Peaks valentine's?

Don't forget about you! Make yourself a flower crown or a glittering heart to wear in your hair!

heartcorn3 heartcorn2



90's Dance Party Birthday

Photo by Clair Drake

A few months back, I threw a 90's themed dance party for my 26th birthday. I really really love to throw an elaborate party and a theme just makes it that much more fun. I get stupid excited planning a theme, coming up with atmospheric ideas, and making decorations and favors and playlists and, obviously, working out my outfit. This party turned out so good, you guys. Seriously. No fooling.

90sbirthday 078

Photo by Clair Drake

I made a bunch of fringed crepe paper streamers and garlands of paper daisies using these instructions. I also printed out a lot of pictures of 90's superstars, dreamboats, and personal heroes and pasted them on neon heart cut-outs. I put together neon favor bags too. And, as if anyone would doubt it for a second, everything was covered in Lisa Frank stickers. The bags were filled with Lisa Frank stickers, candy; (Pixie Sticks, Pop Rocks, Warheads, Ring Pops, and Gushers), novelty light-up jewelry, sticky hands, slap bracelets, heart and rainbow shaped erasers, and more Lisa Frank stickers, you know, some really high class goods.

Photo by Clair Drake

Photo by Clair Drake

Photo by Clair Drake

The venue we had it at, the K.R. Trigger Building, is amazing. It's this great loft space, tons of windows, in a renovated warehouse full of antique neon signs. If you're looking to throw a small party in Seattle on the cheap, this place is perfect!

Photo by Clair Drake

Fabio was just hanging out. Real casual. With a chain.


Photos by Clair Drake

90sbirthday 053

90sbirthday 031

My friends and I covered the floor in neon balloons. I am actually a little frightened of balloons but I love a completely preposterous amount of balloons at a party anyway. We had sequined tiaras and holographic crowns and laser beam rings and glow bracelets. We ate pizza and cupcakes from my two favorite places in town and drank St. Germain cocktails out of neon yellow cups with plastic mermaid drink markers. My husband and I put together the most incredible 90's dance music playlist ever to exist. I think it ended up being about 9 hours long. 


Veraci Pizza - Photos by Clair Drake

Yellow Leaf Cupcakes - Photo by Clair Drake

A snippet of our playlist

I was thinking a lot of The Craft, Hackers, and Clarissa Darling when I was getting my outfit together. I found a black lace dress and a vinyl vest(very AcidBurn), at a thrift store, and added a sleeveless see-through black button-up top, some thrifted boots, my lucite ankh necklace and some tie-dyed We Love Colors tights.

90sbirthday 006

90sbirthday 022


Photos c/o Clair Drake

90sbirthday 044

90sbirthday 045
My husband, repping some Tommy Hilfiger. 

90sbirthday 048

90sbirthday 067


90sbirthday 065

Thanks to my fantastic friends for showing up, boogieing down and helping me decorate and clean up! You're unbelievable! 

Photo by Clair Drake